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Get started building on Fluent

Fluent allows developers to write smart contracts in Rust, Solidity, or Vyper. Each language has its unique advantages and syntax, enabling developers to choose the best fit for their projects.

This guide will walk you through creating a HelloWorld contract in each of these three languages and deploying it to Fluent.

Get Started

To simplify the setup process, your project can be bootstrapped using Fluent’s scaffold CLI tool. This tool automates the creation of the project structure and necessary directories for smart contract development.

Install Fluent scaffold CLI tool

To install the Fluent scaffold CLI tool, simply run the following command in your terminal:

cargo install gblend

To create a project, run the following in your terminal:


This will prompt you to choose from the available setup options:

  • Solidity Smart Contract

  • Vyper Smart Contract

  • Rust Smart Contract

Select the option that aligns with your preferred programming language for smart contract development, and the CLI tool will set up the project structure accordingly.

Choose your path: Solidity, Rust or Vyper

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