Devnet Changelog

All notable changes to Fluent's devnets is documented in this section.

Devnet Version 0



  • rWasm (reduced-Wasm) to generate a flattened binary representation of Wasm, ensuring backward compatibility with the Wasm instruction set.

  • Fluentbase framework and Rust SDK designed for creating simple Wasm-based applications.

  • Fluent Network client with support for Wasm-based apps.


  • Fluentbase framework lacks support for floating-point operations.

  • Standardization of code is pending; thus, passing block/tx context elements inside apps is currently not feasible.

  • Doesn't support Solidity or Vyper for writing smart contracts.

Devnet Version 1



  • Introduction of a new ABI codec to manage input/output parameters.

  • Inclusion of input capabilities with block and tx context information (block hash, origin, caller, etc.).

  • Full EVM compatibility with support for Solidity and Vyper contracts.


  • Might partially break backward compatibility with the previous version because it affects ABI encoding and requires recompilation of all previously deployed smart contracts.


  • Planned support for L1/L2 messaging between Ethereum testnet and the Fluent network.

Devnet Version 2

(Current / Public)


  • Introduction of the Compatibility Contracts (CCs) providing support for forkless and upgradable Wasm and EVM environments. The CCs are extensible to additional execution runtimes like MoveVM and RISC-V in the future.

  • L1/L2 messaging between Ethereum testnet and the Fluent network.

  • The new version of the rWASM VM and compiler reducing compilation time, binary size, and execution time, while also addressing critical bug fixes.

    • It achieves 99% compliance with the official Wasm spec, with the exception of a few complex edge cases involving import tables and export globals that the execution environment cannot support.

  • Interoperability between EVM and Wasm-based apps though the CCs.


  • Updated to the latest version of revm/reth.

  • Introduced a new codec for ABI encoding.

  • Revised the deployment scheme.

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