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Fluent Public Devnet

This is the second devnet version of the Fluent L2, explicitly designed for deploying and interacting with EVM and Rust-based smart contracts. Solidity and Rust contracts can be deployed independently, or call each other as part of a blended application that utilizes both types of contracts.

Due to possible issues in devnet implementations, we can reset the network at any time to upgrade it to a more stable version.

Network Parameters

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Network Name

Fluent Developer Preview


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Supported Languages

The Fluentbase SDK currently supports writing smart contracts in:

  • Rust

  • Solidity

  • Vyper

Future iterations will introduce more language support.

Current Features and Limitations

In this version, the offering includes a basic Reth implementation, where the execution environment is substituted with Fluent's VM, rWasm. Rollup and zk functionalities are not available at this stage.

It's essential to note that significant changes might occur in the VM structure, host SDK, and execution layer in subsequent releases.

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