The Fluentbase Framework

The Fluentbase framework is used to deploy smart contracts on the Fluent L2 as well as blockchains and verifiable compute environments that compile to rWasm. It introduces an SDK and a proving system for the Fluent state transition function (STF). It is the basis for the Fluent L2 and can used to build:

  • Blended apps: Smart contracts on the Fluent L2 written in the various programming languages that the network supports.

  • Blended execution networks: blockchain-based networks (L2s, L3s, etc.) which simulates multiple VM targets on a shared execution layer.

  • Arbitrary compute environments: off-chain dedicated compute environments with arbitrary logic.

Fluentbase supports integrations to build modular blockchains including DA layers (Celestia, Avail, etc.), shared sequencers (Espresso, Nodekit), and more.

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