Build with Fluentbase

Framework for Building on Fluent


Fluentbase is a framework that introduces an SDK and a proving system for Fluent State Transition Functions (STF).

Fluentbase is in an earlier stage of development.

Access to Fluentbase SDK and its documentation is currently limited to projects involved in the Private Beta Testnet for testing purposes.

Fluentbase Runtimes

Fluentbase currently supports various runtimes, each serving specific functions:

  • crypto (keccak256, poseidon)

  • ecc (secp256k1 verify & recover)

  • evm (sload/sstore opcode simulation)

  • rwasm (transact, compile)

  • sys (read, write, state, halt)

  • zktrie

Supported Languages

Fluentbase SDK currently supports writing smart contracts in:

  • Rust

  • Solidity

  • Vyper

Fluentbase Operation

Fluentbase operates using the Fluent's rWasm VM (reduced WebAssembly). This VM employs 100% compatible WebAssembly binary representation, optimized for Zero-Knowledge (ZK) operations. The instruction set is reduced, and sections are embedded inside the binary to simplify the proving process.

Limitations and Future Enhancements

As of now, Fluentbase does not support floating-point operations. However, this feature is on the roadmap for future enhancements.

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