What is Fluent?

The zkWasm L2 on Ethereum

Fluent is a general-purpose Layer 2 blockchain that brings web2's favorite execution environment (Wasm) onto web3's most permissionless blockchain, Ethereum.

Build Apps in General-Purpose Languages

Powered by Wasm, Fluent offers developers the freedom to build and compose scalable applications in any programming language that compiles down to Wasm, whether it's Rust, Solidity, TypeScript, or many more — all on Ethereum.

Compatibility with EVM

Moreover, Fluent ensures EVM compatibility, facilitating seamless support for established standards like native Account Abstraction and enabling effortless interaction with tools such as MetaMask.

Some ETH-compatible features include:

App Deployment Models

Fluent supports two types of apps: Shared and Sovereign.

  1. Shared Apps: These are smart contracts deployed onto Fluent’s enshrined smart contract environment. The programming experience is identical to Ethereum where apps are synchronously composable. Note that all shared apps on Fluent can compose with each other, even across different programming languages (e.g. Rust and Solidity).

  2. Sovereign Apps: These apps are customizable, independent state machines that rely on Fluent for proof aggregation and verification. Developers can customize sovereign app runtimes, modular layers (e.g. DA, sequencing) and more.

Now, let's dive deeper into Fluent's underlying infrastructure and explore its core components in the next section.

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